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Toys For The South

Since the start of Operation Protective Edge, the citizens of southern Israel have been bombarded with over 2,000 rockets. Families, especially ones with young children, are forced to spend long stretches in bomb shelters and are in need of ways to entertain themselves and their children. Hakubia Games together with Matnasim (community centers) and One Israel Fund are aiming to help families & communities cope with the current situation.

For every dollar donated, Hakubia Games will match the donation and deliver the games down to communities in Sderot, Netivot, Beer Sheva, Ashdod, Ashkelon, and the communities surrounding the Gaza border. Our goal is to deliver 1,000 games to the community centers and bomb shelters in the areas that need them the most.

Join us in keeping the Home Front Strong!!


Since communities in Judea and Samaria have to allocate significant funds to purchase security equipment, they are often left without a budget to install other quality of life apparatus. These items are essential to the growth of communities. In addition, those communities established from the refugees of Gush Katif have equal financial liabilities which make simple, everyday needs a difficulty to provide.

One essential item is a playground. Often times overlooked or taken for granted, a quality-built playground ensures the developmental and emotional needs of YESHA'S children are being met. Playgrounds provide safe and secure areas for the children to play as well as provide a communal location for families to intermingle. Each playground/park which One Israel Fund builds in YESHA includes all necessary playground equipment as well as park benches and ap-propriate landscaping which allows it to become a desired destination for the entire communi-ty. In addition, often times significant expense is paid to clear the land.

One Israel Fund has provided upwards of fifty playgrounds to date throughout Israel and re-quests for new playgrounds arrive each week. In addition to communities such as Dolev, Sho-mria/Kfar Darom, Shirat Hayam/Maskiot, Eli, Kedumim and Kiryat Malachi to name a few, One Israel Fund built a playground in Neve Dekalim prior to the evacuation of Gaza in the summer of 2005. True to its mission, One Israel Fund paid to have the playground dismantled and relo-cated to Nitzan where many of the former Gush Katif residents currently make their temporary homes.

Playgrounds range in price from $36,000 to over $75,000 depending on a multitude of factors including size and topography of land.

Ranch on the Hill

Therapeutic Horseback Riding in Givat Harel

Ranch on the Hill is a horse ranch offering horseback riding therapy to children and youth. The ranch operates in cooperation with MIFGASH the Childrens Developmental Center for the Shilo Bloc.

Located in Givat Harel, in the center of the Shilo-Eli bloc of settlements, the ranch serves the area population and beyond. Givat Harel was established immediately after the murder of Harel Oz Bin Nun in a terror attack in the Shomron during the Intifada. The ranch is owned by the Bin Nun family; Daniel Bin Nun is the ranchs administrator and head instructor.

Empathy for children with difficulties and the need for providing help outline the way for the instructors to supply the special approach necessary for special-needs children. Horseback riding therapy significantly helps in their development. The Ranch on the Hill has a large riding corral, stables and a petting zoo.

Within the framework of the ranch, therapeutic riding lessons are given by the staff of certified instructors who receive professional guidance and work in cooperation with the childs therapists psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, etc.

Dedication and Naming Opportunities

$36,000 New Roof for current corral for therapy sessions on rainy or extremely hot days.
$36,000 Reception Room/Waiting area for children and parents
$25,000 3 Additional Horses (rights to name the actual horse)
$15,000 Specialized Lift For Partially Paralyzed children to mount horse
$10,000 Horse Riding and Specialized Therapy Equipment for 7 horses
$10,000 Sponsor Therapy Riding Sessions per child per year

Youth Centers

Having safe and supervised recreational areas where children are free to play is a must in communities whose residents are under the threat of terrorism and often isolated from each other. Equipped with supervised indoor and outdoor play areas, a media center and an arts a crafts room, youth centers provide children with a safe haven to spend free time. These past two years heralded the unveiling of new centers in Nitzan and Kedumim. Dedication opportunities are available.

Sports Field Rehabilitation

The communities of Shaarey Tikva, Elkana and Ez Ephraim organize a boys after-school soccer program. This program is widely attended and gives the boys an opportunity from a young age to develop their physical fitness and team spirit. The program is self sufficient and lacks proper infrastructure

Pnei Kedem Playground

In Pnei Kedem, the playground that now exists is small, deteriorating & unsafe. The community have recently started working on a project trying to get the children's Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents & Great-grandparents to help raise the monies to make a new, safe playground a reality. However, they would appreciate any help from any Honorary Grandparents.
The work for the playground will include:
Clearing & paving the destined area
Building of the playground equipment (slides, swings, ladders, sandbox etc.)
A foamy surface for under the playground equipment
An area of benches & Synthetic grass for sitting & playing on.
Garbage bins
Trees to provide shade
The total sum estimated for this project is about 140,000 shekel, however there are many dedication opportunities available.