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A trip to Israel is always special but a mission to our biblical homeland with One Israel Fund is a life-changing experience.  Beyond any simple tour, with One Israel Fund, you'll meet the wide range of personalities that are modern day Israel.  Our hand picked tour guides are not simply reciting about places in Israel - they are Israel. Highly experienced, each of our professionals brings their passion to every day of your tour.  Each travel day is carefully planned to combine heritage with history, excitement with enjoyment and moving experiences that will change the way you view our land.

Whether it be an evening tour of a newly discovered archeological site, a private meeting with a member of Israel's cabinet or being the special guest at a community concert, our missions strive to connect with those most important - the people of Israel.

We specialize in arranging missions to fit the group - Synagogue groups, Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations, Missions for Families with young children are all specially designed to give your group the best experience possible. Contact our office so we can forward a specialized itinerary - we'll work together to design a trip that best meets your needs. Want to spend more time in the North? It's our pleasure. Like to visit an army base? We'll be proud to take you.  Dinner under the stars in the old city? No problem. We will do out utmost best to meet every reasonable request.

Each mission is different - we are constantly investigating new and different experiences for our guests. At the same time, we have long standing relationships with hotels, restaurants and ground agents that help service our groups. With One Israel Fund, you can rest assured that all of our guests are always treated like VIP's.  Past missions have met with Israel's top political leaders and received private briefings. We show support to the Israel's defenders by visiting some of Israel's most elite elements of Tzahal (air force, tank and special forces units are always on the itinerary), visit YESHA's pioneering communities and tour some of Israel's most special sites.  Our mission trips are always life-changing experiences.

Please contact missions@oneisraelfund.org  so we can arrange an "Israel experience" tailored to your needs.


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