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Emergency Medical

The Emergency Medical Response teams of Judea and Samaria are among the most experienced and highly trained in Israel. Often times, the great distance to proper medical facilities makes their roles much more vital as they are the first and only option in tending to a medical crisis. The reality of terrorism and everyday medical emergencies demands that these professionals maintain the highest level of training they can attain. Indeed, these dedicated individuals have saved many lives. Just as in any field, equipment must be purchased, maintained and, at times, upgraded. As the communities of Judea and Samaria continue to grow, new and updated equipment must be purchased

Lifesaving Medical Kits

There are two different kits - an advanced lifesaving kit and a basic lifesaving kit. Each kit includes a full assortment of lifesaving apparatus including oxygen tanks, bandages, medicines and a burn kit side‐by‐side in a portable carrying pack enabling full mobility for use in either a regular medical emergency or a terrorist attack. The advanced kit also includes an AED monitor defibrillator. Considered the best kits in use today in Israel, these kits are in extreme demand and have proven time and again to save lives.

Basic Lifesaving Kit $1,200 each

Advanced Lifesaving Kit $3,600 each

Megillot Search and Rescue Team

These teams are the first on site in the event of a search and rescue operation. The Megillot teams are the only search and rescue team helping to save lives in the Dead Sea Yam HaMelach.

Their mission does not stop there. On the land or on the sea this dedicated team of professional volunteers are always on call.

Security Patrol Medic Kits

Stonings and Molotov cocktails have become the norm for the residents of our heartland. In 95 of these incidents it is the security chief or the community patrol who is the first to arrive - before the army and even before the emergency medical personnel. One Israel Fund, together with the emergency medical professionals and the regional security chiefs, has put together a kit that will meet the minimal needs of an incident that occurs on the roads. This kit should be in every security chief's patrol vehicle attached to the driver seat with the ability to become a Medical Back Pack in the event that the victim has been run off the road or as needed.